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Consultations are very valuable.
con1For the patient who needs oral surgery, having the opportunity to visit the office prior to the treatment date and to meet the doctor has many benefits. First, the doctor will be able to better explain the treatment proposed and tell the patient what is to be expected. Second, the extent of the surgery can be explained especially as it pertains to the post-operative course and how the patient will feel after surgery. This will allow you to plan when you would like to schedule the appointment. Third, the doctor can present any options to treatment if they exist. If options exist, this will enable you to have choices of surgery proposed. Lastly, a consultation will serve as an opportunity for our doctors to evaluate your particular situation and then later consult with your dentist as to the best treatment that can be done for you.

For the doctor, the consultation gives us the opportunity to meet you. Also, based on the extent of surgery and your preferences, the options of types of anesthesia can be proposed. In this way, we can schedule our day to keep on time and prevent you and other patients from waiting because of delays in surgery. Equally as important as all of the reasons above, the consultation gives us the opportunity to review your medical history, medications and record your blood pressure and pulse. With this information, we can determine if any medications, such as blood thinners, need to be stopped, if consultation is required with your medical doctor prior to our surgery, or if any medical conditions need to be addressed prior to your surgery. Finally, the consultation gives us an opportunity to explain the benefits verses risks of the proposed surgery and thus give you the opportunity to accept or decline surgery.

cons2For children, consultations can be especially beneficial. If a child is introduced to the dental situation in an appropriate way, it will lessen their fear and apprehension of the procedure. More often than not, once the child has been given the opportunity to see the office, meet the doctor and staff and understand what will be done and how, the oral surgery experience is much more tolerable. If introduced in the right way, the visit to the oral surgeon may be viewed by the child as “fun”. This has been proven to be the case in the majority of cases where the time was taken to explain things to the child gain their trust and give them the opportunity to make choices and actually “participate” in the procedure. Our office highly recommends consultations for pre-orthodontic extractions, wisdom tooth procedures, exposure of impacted cuspids, and any other procedure done for a child or adolescent.

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